Prof. Sanja Vraneš, PhD is jointly appointed as the Director General of the Institute Mihajlo Pupin and as a Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Belgrade. Before that, she was the Scientific Director of the Institute for 10 years. The Institute she manages has 510 employees; more than 350 of them being researchers and engineers. From 1999 she has been engaged as a United Nations Expert for information technologies, and from 2005 as an expert evaluator and reviewer of EC Framework Programme Projects and H2020 projects. Her research interests include artificial intelligence, semantic web, linked data web, knowledge management, decision support systems, etc. In these areas she published over 250 scientific papers. She serves as a reviewer for respectable international journals, such as IEEE Transaction on Computer and IEEE Intelligent Systems, etc. She was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Bristol, England in 1993 and 1994. In the period 1999-2004 she was a Scientific Consultant at the International Center for Sceince and High Technology in Trieste, Italy. She has also served as a project leader and/or principal architect of more than 20 complex commercial software projects. She has taken part in 42 research projects funded by the European Commission – 12 H2020 projects (HESTIA, SINERGY, TRAPEZE, AI-PROFICIENT, PLATOON, TRINITY, IDEAS, REACT, LAMBDA, RESPOND, In-BETWEEN, SLIDEWIKI), 15 FP7 projects (LOD2, EMILI, GEO-KNOW, EPIC-HUB, CASCADE, SPARTACUS, REFLECT, PERFECTION, ENERGY WARDEN, HELENA, HYDRO-WEEE, META-NET, H-WEE-DEMO, PROCEED, GenderTIME),  5 CIP/EIP projects  (CESAR, GREEN, WEEEN, IMAGEEN, SHARE-PSI),  3 FP6 projects (SARIB, PROMETEA and Web4WEB), 3 Interreg projects (STRIM, I2E, MOVECO), etc. She is a member of IEEE, ACM and AAAI. She is also a full member of the Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences and served two terms (10 years) as a member of the National Scientific Council. She received numerous honors and awards for her work, including the Medal of Honor (Cavaliere dell’ordine della stella d’Italia) of the President of the Republic of Italy, Nikola Tesla Award, Best software package award, Best paper award, University of Bristol postdoctoral fellowship award, etc. She speaks five languages.

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Honors and awards:
Medal of Honor (Cavaliere dell’ordine della stella d’Italia) of the President of the Republic of Italy (2017)
Member of the National Scientific Council, two terms
Member of the Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences (since 2006)
Expert of European Union (since 2005)
United Nations Expert (since 1999)
Nikola Tesla award for achievements in technical sciences (1996)
University of Belgrade Best Publication Award (Prof. Branko Rakovic) 1994
Best Software Package Award at Belgrade Computer Fair (1994)
Silver Medal for Software at Novi Sad Technology Fair (1994)
Nomination for the City of Belgrade “Oktobarska” award (1995)
University of Bristol Postdoctoral Fellowship (1993)
National Science Foundation Fellowship (1988)


Contact information:
Phone: +381(11) 6773149
Fax: +381(11) 6776583