Дизајн, реализација, и имплементација интелигентних софтверских система:

BESTBlackboard-based Expert System Toolkit  pdf1-7303854
BioAsDecision Support System for Biofuel Assessment and Selection pdf1-7303854
BonitetWeb warehouse of financial indicators of business entities pdf1-7303854
Citra –  City Traffic – a tool for city traffic analysis and prediction pdf1-7303854
ClearWaterWater Remediation Technology Selection DSS pdf1-7303854
CyberSchoolWeb-based Learning Environment pdf1-7303854
DEBATERDecision Aid for Evaluation of Best Available Technologies Economically Reputable
IVPInvestment Planning Solution pdf1-7303854
INVEXInvestment Advisory Expert System
Fides Financial Decision Support  pdf1-7303854
PrometeaEmpowering Women Engineers Careers in Industrial and Academic Research pdf1-7303854
RIOReal Investment Option Evaluation Software pdf1-7303854
S4ISoftware System for Sustainable Siting of Industry pdf1-7303854
SOUL Commander(Space of Universal Links) natural languages processing toolkit
SPORESpent Oil Regeneration Technology Selection DSS pdf1-7303854
STRiMRemotely Accessed Decision Support System for Transnational Environmental Risk Management pdf1-7303854
WiseChoiseGeneric Web-based Decision Support System Framework pdf1-7303854