Creating Knowledge out of interlinked Data

The LOD2 IP project aims at realizing the Web of Linked Data by: improving the richness, coherence and quality of data published on the Web, closing the performance gap between relational and RDF data management, establishing trust on the Data Web and generally lowering the entrance barrier for data publishers and users. LOD2 tackles these challenges by developing: 1. tools and methodologies for exposing and managing very large amounts of structured information, 2. a testbed and bootstrap network of high-quality multi-domain, multi-lingual ontologies. 3. machine learning algorithms for (semi-)automatically enriching, interlinking

and fusing data from the Web. 4. adaptive tools for exploring, searching, browsing, and authoring of Linked Data. The project showcases the benefits for media & publishing, corporate data intranets and eGovernment.


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