GoToTwin – Advancing Renewable Energy in the Adriatic Ionian Region through the Use of Digital Twins

Duration: 36 months (2024-2027)

The GoToTwin project is an innovative initiative aimed at strengthening the innovation capacities in the Adriatic Ionian region required for accelerating the adoption and integration of renewable energy sources. Leveraging the transformative potential of digital twin technology, this project seeks to address the pressing energy and sustainability challenges faced by the region. By facilitating the deployment of advanced digital technologies, advocating for favorable policies, fostering capacity building, and promoting cross-sector collaboration, GoToTwin aims to co-create a greener and more resilient energy landscape.

The primary objective of the project is to establish a robust and flexible digital twin framework specifically tailored for renewable energy applications. This framework will enable stakeholders to effectively manage digital twins of energy systems, optimizing the utilization of resources, monitoring system performance, and simulating various scenarios. It will also provide real-time monitoring capabilities, command and control features, and predictive maintenance functionalities.

Additionally, GoToTwin aims to demonstrate the practical application of digital twins in renewable energy establishing and integrating regional living labs and pilot activities focused on solar, hydro, and wind power. These real-world testing grounds provide empirical evidence and best practices for broader adoption in the region.

Finally, the project places a strong emphasis on developing comprehensive strategies and policies that encourage the widespread adoption of digital twin solutions for renewable energy. Through analysis, advocacy, and recommendations, the project addresses regulatory obstacles and creates a supportive policy environment. Thus, the project will accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources by facilitating the implementation of digital twin solutions.