EUSOME – Enabling Autonomous Aerial Systems through Operational Methods and Technological Enhancements

Duration: 48 months (2024-2028)

The emergence of large drone systems that can be integrated with intelligent coordination technology has enabled Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) concepts that are poised to revolutionize a broad range of domains including transport (including logistics), and climate adaptation. Nevertheless, despite commendable global initiatives, Southeast Europe is facing challenges and delays in adopting and implementing AAM. In this context, we introduce EUSOME with the mission to propel the AAM R&I ecosystem in this part of Europe, addressing specific regional challenges arising from its distinctive geographical characteristics. Evidently, the region would heavily benefit from the development and adoption of a transformative transportation solution that has the potential to eradicate traffic congestion and provide a transformative climate adaptation solution to a heavily stressed ecosystem. Nevertheless, the incorporation of AAM presents regulatory complexities and lacks a driving force in terms of R&I in AAM, partly due to the absence of a cohesive, open R&I infrastructure and adequate specialized mentoring programs.
The proposed EUSOME Excellence Hub endeavors to tackle these challenges head-on, assuming a pivotal role in establishing AAM as an integral component of the transportation landscape in the region. The consortium consists of experts across the whole AAM spectrum, from cutting-edge research departments, aircraft manufacturing, civil aviation authorities, relevant public agencies, experts in translating research into innovation, and representatives of the public society. This partnership enables EUSOME to deliver a diversified open R&I infrastructure, covering all needs within the AAM spectrum, a regional masterplan for the adoption of EASA’s recommendations on AAM, and a comprehensive mentoring, training, and service provider program for entities (businesses, public agencies, etc.) desiring to enter the AAM domain