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CIP – ICT PSP Project

Human language technologies crucially depend on language resources and tools that are usable, useful and available. However, even where language resources and respective tools are available they have been developed mostly in a sporadic manner, in response to specific project needs, with relatively little regard to their long-term sustainability, IPR status, interoperability, reusability in different contexts as well as to their potential deployment in multilingual applications.

metanetlogo-6737476The CESAR project, in close harmony with META-NET intends to address this issue by enhancing, upgrading, standardising and cross-linking a wide variety of language resources and tools and making them available to the wider community, thus contributing to an open linguistic infrastructure.


  • Nyelvtudomanyi Intezet, Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia (Hungary)
  • Budapesti Muszaki es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem (Hungary)
  • Sveuciliste u Zagrebu, Filozofski Fakultet – University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Croatia)
  • Instytut Podstaw Informatyki Polskiej Akademii Nauk (Poland)
  • Uniwersytet Lodzki ULodz Poland
  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mathematics (Serbia)
  • Institut Mihajlo Pupin (Serbia)
  • The Institute for Bulgarian Language Prof. Lyubomir Andreychin (Bulgaria)
  • Ludovit Stur Institute of Linguistics Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia)


Results achieved on the project::
MONO version of NooJ
Java version of NooJ

Responsible researcher: sanja.vranes@pupin.rs