EPIC HUB – Energy Positive Neighbourhoods Infrastructure Middleware based on Energy-Hub Concept

Methodology, architecture and services able to provide improved Energy Performances to Neighborhoods (NBH),combining Energy-Hub-based Energy Optimization capabilities with a Seamless Integration of pre-existing energy ICT systems and other ICT system deployed.EPIC-HUB focuses on efficient Management, Control and Decision-Support Energy Policies at neighborhood level,defining an interoperable Middleware solution and a structured vision for the communities to use and share renewable energy sources, energy storage, and micro generation,to consistently realize energy savings, reduce CO2 emissions and optimize energy usage.The EPIC-HUB Middleware will exploit the concept of Energy Hub and defines a “neighborhood-aware” energy trading platform aiming at improving Energy Efficiency and reducing the energy cost, taking into account Renewable Energy Sources as well as Electricity Grid stakeholders.From an energy point of view, the EPIC-HUB methodology models the neighbourhood as an Energy Hub or an aggregation of different Energy Hubs with their energy sources, storage devices and controllable loads.

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