SPARTACUS will develop Galileo-ready satellite-based applications carried forward by consortium partners to address three main societal needs:

  • Track, trace, and localise critical transport assets especially in times of crisis and in case of major failure of existing networks (communications and power)
  • Track the flow of relief support goods from the sending side to the receiving/end place
  • Support coordination and ensure the safety of first responders in disaster management operations

To this end, SPARTACUS will design, develop and test in real case applications a complete solution for Location Awareness in emergency management that can be deployed during disaster, replacing the traditional use of terrestrial networks, which are supposed to fail or been denied during disasters.To achieve this objective SPARTACUS will adopt a precise positioning and timing system to track critical assets,relief support goods and first responders, supporting them in coordinating and operating in emergency scenarios. First responders tracking will be combined with a smartphone-based damage assessment tool that allows geotagged input to a control and coordination centre.


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