R2D2: Reliability, Resilience and Defense technology for the griD
Duration: 48 months (2022-2026)

R2D2 strategic goal is to improve the resilience and reliability of current EPES (Electrical Power and Energy Systems) against a growing number of threats and vulnerabilities that may affect such critical infrastructure, exposing weaknesses with harmful and damaging effects on different stakeholders and final customers.
This will be done through the deployment of four tools dedicated to the prevention, protection and restoration of EPES in two different independent but complementary scenarios in the energy value-chain – from regional coordination between TSOs, to privacy of LV customers. The project will build on top of strong energy coordination actions in South-East Europe (SEE), following EU legislation and in alignment with the recent activities promoted by ENTSO-E about cyber-security in transmission systems.
Through the demonstration and integration of the innovative solutions proposed by R2D2, it will be possible to achieve a more secure, reliable and resilient energy system in Europe, making a positive and tangible impact throughout the European EPES value chain. In this context, R2D2 will deliver a palette of complementary solutions synthesised into four Products: “Multi-risk assessment framework for power system” (P1 – C3PO), “Resilience suite for TSO & DSO” (P2 – IRIS), “Prevention Systems For Energy Infrastructures Security” (P3 – PRECOG) and “Enhanced Assets Maintenance And Management Toolkit” (P4 – EMMA).


Contact: marko.batic@pupin.rs