NoSQL-Net (2014) “Managing linked data in NoSQL stores under schema evolution”

Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs) have been the predominant database systems over the last decades; they are established and mature systems with a declarative standard language (SQL) that offers complex operations (like joins) and their tabular data format is widely used and understood. Recent developments in distributed storage systems and large amount of data (big data) however have revealed some inherent weaknesses of the relational model. Hence, new database systems have emerged such as graph databases, key-value stores, document databases, or column family stores. Graph databases have a strict mathematical foundation in graph theory. However, the other data models have not been extensively studied from a theoretical perspective.
This project combines expertise from different areas of database systems. The NoSQL-Net objective is to establish a research network that will foster the theoretical foundations of modelling and managing data in NOSQL stores. A particular focus is given to storing linked data, to managing schema evolution and to enabling the interoperability of different NOSQL data models. NOSQL stores have an increasing market position in data management and are applied in commercial systems by several large companies. This research project hence have a decisive impact for an improved data management in real-world applications. Events organized by the NoSQL-Net are

  • NoSQL-Net 2014: 1st International Workshop on NoSQL Databases and Linked Data Applications
  • NoSQL-Net 2015: 2nd International Workshop on NoSQL Databases, Emerging Database Technologies and Applications