In the last ten years, Open Data and Big Data technologies have attracted the attention of the research community, software providers and policy decision makers as they are expected to create huge economic value for years to come. Considering the current and future social-economic challenges in the EU, especially in the South-East Europe, as well as scientific and industry gaps and deficiencies between Serbia and EU, the project shall define a scientific strategy for stepping up and stimulating scientific excellence and innovation capacity, increasing research capacities and unlocking the research potential of the biggest and the oldest R&D Institute in the ICT area in the whole West Balkan region, turning the Institute Mihajlo Pupin into a regional point of reference when it comes to multidisciplinary ICT competence related to Big Data analytics. The project shall implement a thoroughly prepared plan of actions for knowledge exchange and transfer between the linked institutions and carry out a wide range of dissemination and outreach activities in the West Balkan countries and across Europe. The emphasis shall be on the sustainability of activities of existing Center of Excellence for Semantic Web technologies and their upgrade and extension in one of the fastest developing fields, the Big Data research. Different knowledge transfer instruments (mentorships, brainstorming sessions, school type activities) and different types of twinning relationships (institution to institution, institution to network) shall be used to further strengthen and extend the collaboration with internationally-leading counterparts and produce a Strategy for long-term collaboration for mutual benefits to partners and other stakeholders. The partner organizations shall use the available infrastructure of the PUPIN TTO and organize numerous community building and outreach events aimed at strengthening links to policy makers, industry, standardization bodies, other TTOs and society.


Contact: Dr Valentina Janev


This project is funded by “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation” Work Programme 2016-2017, GA No. 809965