Cost Action (2021-2024)


INTERACT vision is to go beyond the capabilities of the 5G vision and to make the radio network itself intelligent. This is required in order to enhance the human experience of both human-to-human and humanto-machine communications, and make it seamless, with the perception of no intermediary. Machine learning is an important tool in implementing this vision, since along with advanced network architectures and distributed content provision, it provides a means of implementing many aspects of this network intelligence. However, its use must be informed by theoretical and experimental research on radio channel models, network architectures and signal processing algorithms.
Hence, the main scientific objectives of INTERACT are:
1. To perform fundamental research in the fields of antennas and propagation, signal processing and localisation, and network architectures and protocols, to design intelligent enabling radio communications.
2. To make the wireless network intelligent, meaning aware, adaptive, and parsimonious. Similarly to cities and buildings, future wireless networks should become intelligent by taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies to cope with the increasing demand for connectivity and traffic density and to bring the user experience to a new level.
3. To contribute to the creation of intelligent environments. Not only will mobile radio networks become intelligent, but they will constitute the nervous system to foster intelligence in other systems and verticals, such as ehealth, transportation, industry, buildings and cities.