GeoKnow – Making the Web an Exploratory for Geospatial Knowledge

The GeoKnow project aims at simplifying information seeking by allowing exploration, editing and interlinking of heterogeneous sources with spatial dimensions. The research project will develop open source tools which will help users, companies and government organizations to expose and utilize structured geospatial information on the Web. Thus, the project addresses various stakeholders who will benefit from the research project. Use cases from supply chain management and e-commerce (travel industry) will supplement the research. One exemplary aim within the supply chain use case is to provide a unified spatial view on parts of a logistic process. To achieve this target, information with geographical reference points will be connected to the Data Web, allowing for a better observation of the information flow to provide better analytics and to improve decision making processes. In the e-commerce use case, travel industry users will benefit from more background information, enriched content and sophisticated spatial search functionalities.


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