ECHO: Efficient Compact Modular Thermal Energy Storage System
Duration: 48 months (2022-2026)

ECHO will develop and demonstrate a new plug&play, complete, sustainable, flexible, modular, digitally controlled and competitive system exploiting thermal energy storage. The excellence of ECHO lies in demonstrating that the combination of advanced storage materials with innovative reactors and batch storages, together with advanced digital control, provides long lasting thermal energy storage, with an important load shifting by means of the energy conversion and storage, both for heating and cooling demand.

ECHO results will be an innovative, compact and smart TES solution, based on the use and optimization of thermochemical materials (TCMs), combined with phase change materials (PCMs), for space heating, cooling and hot tap water production and, optionally, with ice storage for large cooling needs.

The ECHO innovative concept of thermal energy storage, associated with a robust exploitation and business plan, will demonstrate a clear strategy for the exploitation of the results in the upcoming energy transition.