CognitiveEng-Net (2018-2019) “Towards Developing a Cognitive Production Model for Sustainable Manufacturing”

Production sustainability is a critical factor in today’s manufacturing. To address sustainability in manufacturing with an digitization approach based on cognitive information models, the CognitiveEng-Net core consortium was established that consists of partners with academic and industrial backgrounds from Germany and the CESEE region. The long-term objective of the project is to strengthen the research potential and competences of the partners in topics related to cognitive manufacturing and digitization, and establishing further fruitful cooperation and strategic partnerships between Central, Eastern and South Eastern European countries. Main activities include:

Identifying scientific and technical issues about cognitive manufacturing and sustainability to be further investigated in the planned H2020 project (submitted to H2020 call DT-SPIRE-06-2019 “Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants”) .
Developing an outreach strategy and identifying partners to be invited to the project consortium, taking into consideration a good track record of EU projects in related disciplines and the current technology readiness level of their products/services.
Developing a project consortium and a productive and fruitful long-term cooperation with CESEE countries on topics related to cognitive manufacturing and digitalization.