O utiscima stranih studenata koji su 2019. godine bili na praksi u našem Institutu  preko organizacije IASTE najbolje govore pisma koja su nam stigla po njihovom povratku u svoje zemlje.  Pisali su nam Dulanka Shashinidu Lokubalasooriya iz Sri Lanke i Jakub Siwiec iz Poljske.

My name is Dulanka Shashinidu Lokubalasooriya from Sri Lanka. I am an Undergraduate Student from the University of Macau studying Electromechanical Engineering. I was lucky enough work in Institut Mihajlo Pupin (IMP) for 8 weeks as an intern. Through IAESTE Serbia I got this opportunity and I must say that it was well spent 8 weeks of my summer. I got to work in the department of Robotics and was working on a project related to Solar Thermal Power generation. The atmosphere in Pupin was very nice and nature-friendly. I enjoyed coming to work as it’s a place where you can think clearly.

I was able to make new friends during my stay in Serbia. Serbia is a beautiful country which I believe one should visit more than once to explore. I loved its’ nature, people and food. I am glad to meet new people who showed around and let me experience many new things. Although my 8 weeks were over I will forever remember my Internship Experience in IMP, Serbia.

Dulanka Shashinidu Lokubalasooriya from Sri Lanka

Hello everyone! As my internship in Institute Mihajlo Pupin has finished, I have to admit, that those two months I was there were the best time in my life. This period, which I expected to be just purely educational, proved to be much more than just getting work experience – I have seen amazing places and met great people.

The job itself was a nice experience from the first sight – I and other students who had come on the same day we were introduced to the organization by Ms. Valentina Timčencko, who is the extremely kind, helpful and eloquent person. She explained rules and shown us the buildings.

Then we have been introduced to our supervisors, in my case Ph. D. Miloš Jovanović, Ph. D. Aleksandar Rodić, and M. Sc. Ilija Thanks to them I could choose to join the project that I like the most and is the most perspective for me – I chose the software development for sun-tracking solar energy collector.

The work was very interesting and sometimes demanding, but when I was in need of help, I received it from my supervisors. There was no pressure put on me, but I couldn’t be bored, especially after the first month when the new colleague, Tijana Đorđević, joined the team, and work became to be even more interesting. During these two months with the help of our supervisor, we have created and tested the desired software, which gave me much satisfaction.

Of course, I can’t forget to mention lunches when all IAESTE students met to talk and spend time together, and the entire meal was free and very good!

Moreover, life in students dorms in Old Belgrade belonged to many events. Every day it was possible to enjoy with sightseeing, doing sports on Ada or in Tašmajdan, or spending time together with IAESTE people in Kalemegdan or the unforgettable dormitories swing in Belgrade is also amazing – there are plenty of clubs and pubs and people – the city never sleeps and is an open opportunity for adventure.

On weekends we traveled to breathtaking places located in the neighborhood of the capital of Serbia – like Golubac with its majestic fortress and Iron Gates of Danube, Kotor in Montenegro, Skopje in North Macedonia or Novi Sad, where the Exit festival took part. After finishing training I went on a trip to Albania and Greece.

But the most important thing that I got there was amazing people from countries from all over the world, who I have made friends with, for sure I will remember and keep in touch with ones from Serbia, Argentina, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Greece, Scotland, Romania, Brazil, Jordan, Tunisia, Poland and other interesting places, which I am now incouraged to visit some day.

To sum up, that short period of time was truly amazing and completely changed me, as well as my outlook, I feel like a lot more open person. Simultaneously I developed my technical skills a lot thanks to the tasks I received during working in IMP. The experience I had here was truly great, I was sad to leave the place which became so relevant to me, but I will remember it till the end of my life as one of best things that ever happened to me.

Много вам хвала!



Jakub Siwiec from Poland