Fraunhofer-Pupin JPO

JPOThrough a Joint Project Office (JPO), the Mihailo Pupin Institute is uniting ICT expertise and resources with prominent German R&D organization, Fraunhofer-FOCUS from Berlin. At the Fraunhofer-Pupin JPO, systems engineering and information technologies are combined to develop innovative solutions in the area of energy management information systems, decision support systems, energy management systems, knowledge and content technologies and applications, big data analytics, machine learning, etc. The service scope covers research and development, innovative IT solutions, software outsourcing, technology consulting, engineering, prototyping, and system design and integration. The Fraunhofer-Pupin JPO assembles a team with the best mixture of expertise appropriate to each specific engagement. The Fraunhofer-Pupin JPO team has acquired an extensive research experience through 74 R&D projects, undertaken from its year of establishment (2003) until today. The vast majority of them were research projects funded by the European Commission.

Ongoing projects

Fraunhofer-Pupin JPO team is currently involved in 17 projects:

In these projects, the main research areas are big data analytics, machine learning, IoT, energy management (demand-response, optimization, non-intrusive load monitoring- NILM, etc.).

Previous projects

You can read more about these projects here.

The above mentioned project were predominantly in the areas of artificial intelligence, decision support systems, expert systems, complex event processing, semantic web, linked data web, energy management, environmental management, etc.



Fraunhofer-Pupin JPO Team