Director General

Nikola Tomašević, Ph.D, El. Eng.
Nikola Tomašević, Ph.D, El. Eng.

Assistant Directors

Marko Batić, Ph.D, El. Eng.
Marko Batić, Ph.D, El. Eng.International Cooperation and Technology Transfer Director
Željko Stojković, El. Eng.
Željko Stojković, El. Eng.Industrial Cooperation Director

Directors of Daughter Companies

Mr Milenko Nikolić, M.Sc, El. Eng.
Mr Milenko Nikolić, M.Sc, El. Eng.IMP-Automatika, Ltd. Director
Vladimir Simeunović, El. Eng.
Vladimir Simeunović, El. Eng.IMP-Computer Engineering, Ltd. Director
Vladimir Čelebić, El. Eng.
Vladimir Čelebić, El. Eng.IMP-Telecommunications, Ltd. Director
Radoslav Jevtović, El. Eng.
Radoslav Jevtović, El. Eng.IMP-Piezotechnology, Ltd. Director
Ana Divac Šarić, Ph.D. in Law
Ana Divac Šarić, Ph.D. in LawIMP-Business Services, Ltd. Director

Institute’s Assembly is appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Members of the Assembly are elected among the competent scientific researchers in the area of Institute’s activity

Members of the Assembly:

  • Prof. Željko Đurović, Ph.D, El. Eng.
    Electrical Engineering Faculty, Belgrade
    President of the Assembly
  • Prof. Radivoje Mitrović, Ph.D, M. Eng.
    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade
  • Prof. Milo Tomašević, Ph.D, El. Eng.
    Professor Electrotechnical Faculty, Belgrade
  • Aleksandar Rodić, Ph.D, El. Eng.
    Scientific advisor, IMP, Belgrade