Product range of IMP-Piezotechnology company can be divided into two groups:


Production of HF and LF quarz crystals includes more than 200 types in the range of frequencies from 80 kHz do 180 MHz.

Crystal filters with different characteristics range from 80 kHz to 180MHz and they are available in more than 120 types according to the user’s specification. Some of the realised types of filters are represented in the catalogue which can be downloaded here.

LC filters are produced in the frequency range from 100 kHz to 150 MHz.

More than 40 types of crystal oscilators are produced with different characteristics for frequencies ranging from 3.2 MHz do 160 MHz.


– Magnetic materials for industry:
– Medical magnets:

– Magnetoplag
– AKMA micro magnets
– Magnetic bracelet
– Magnetic systems – MAGMAX (for shoulder blade area, lumbal area (spine), shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and women’s underwear with a magnetic system)
– MAGCELFIT – Anti cellulite suit
– Insoles with magnets
– Slippers with magnets