Tunnels are an important part of modern roads and passing through them must be as safe and convenient as possible. The system for traffic surveillance and management is an essential segment of intelligent transport systems (ITS), and it enables realization of optimal conditions on the part of the road where the tunnel is located. Therefore, the Institute “Mihajlo Pupin” applies the latest technical solutions for the management of the subsystems in the tunnel because the reliability, quality and technical characteristics of the system have to contribute largely to the smooth traffic flow and safety of participants. Systems for monitoring and control in tunnels Lipak and Železnik on the bypass around Belgrade are realized using the SCADA system VIEW4, produced by the Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”.



Tunnel traffic is controlled from the Control centers, where operators monitor all activities in the tunnel as well as functioning of all subsystems using SCADA screen display. Different incidents may occur during the traffic flow through the tunnel: fire, increased concentrations of carbon monoxide, breaking into one of the SOS or niche stations, power supply failure, etc. Therefore, experts from the Institute “Mihajlo Pupin” have developed a detailed work plan of the tunnel in all foreseeable incidents in order to maintain a high level of safety according to international RABT and PIARC recommendations.

The video surveillance system and the system for traffic detection in the tunnel provide additional ability for an operator to react timely and, if necessary, to issue the appropriate command and thus inform drivers about the traffic flow, restrictions or prohibitions of movement.





   SCADA – screen view

 Please download the Case Study: Tunnel Traffic Management – Technical systems of tunnels Železnik and Lipak >>> pdf1-8692770