ARS-TSControl is Institute Mihajlo Pupin’s protective-regulation system of the steam turbine based on Atlas Max-RTL® controllers and VIEW6000 SCADA system. Following the introduction of the new I/O modules Atlas-BPC that monitor turbine speed, these controllers were redirected to control and protect the turbine units, despite the fact they belong to the Atlas family of processing units. In terms of software, monitoring the accuracy of digital modules has been significantly improved. Thus the Atlas unit system gained the subfamily of devices that are able to meet strict requirements for control of such plants.

The system consists of:

  • The protective part of the system, designed by using the “2 out of 3” principle in the entire protective circle (from sensors in driver via I/O modules and controllers to the executive protective hydraulic block). Thus all the requirements of SIL3 reliability are fulfilled completely,
  • Regulatory and control part of the system that controls turbine regulation valves. Automatic turbine speed and power controllers are implemented there, as well as fresh steam pressure controllers in front of the turbine. Then, limiter functions, which reduce the load of the plant in case of unallowable vacuum values in condenser, sudden fresh steam pressure fall in front of the turbine, and unallowable thermal load of the rotor of the high or medium pressure turbine (thermal-stress calculator). The “2 out of 2” principle was used in designing regulatory and control part of the system.

turbinski-regulator1-230x300-4748925   turbinski-regulator2-241x300-4240725    ars-tscontrol-300x226-manja-2506647

Complete production of the hydraulic part of the system is offered within the ARS-TSControl system, including:

  • replacement or reconstruction of hydraulic control valves,
  • reconstruction of the front pedestal block of existing control system for installation of turbine speed measuring system,
  • replacement of the turbine hydraulic protection system,
  • preparation of complete design documents in all phases of the project,
  • installation, supervision and commissioning of the hydraulic system,
  • maintenance in the warranty and out of warranty period.

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