omni-5700088 OmniSight is a complete IMP-Telecommunications’ in-house solution for presenting graphical information on high-resolution displays in control rooms of complex systems. By multi-windowing different applications on one display wall it enables the graphical view of the controlled system state, viewing and controlling applications on remote computers, monitoring various system variables, and displaying videos coming from local or remote sources over the Ethernet.
OmniSight features a very simple and intuitive user interface, so there is no need for special training of employees working on the system. The possibilities of combining graphical contents are practically unlimited, so the screen appearance is fully customizable to the actual system state or the operator’s affinity. The operator can by just one mouse click activate one of the predefined graphical schemes, depending on the situation and the occasion. Moreover, Omnisight is equipped with a local zoom to view an enlarged part of the active screen, so there is no need for approaching the display wall to read small details not visible from the work station.

OmniSight display management system features an open SCADA interface which enables a change of the graphical appearance following a change of state in the controlled system. For example, in case of a failure in some part of the controlled system, OmniSight can automatically activate a specific view that includes a detailed schematic of the damaged part, a detailed view of critical variables, a history of alarms and even a real-time video of the damaged part if there is a camera installed at that part of system. Such close details are hidden in normal working mode not to overload the operator. The incorporation of this function decreases the operator’s reaction time on critical events and enables easier inspection of critical system parameters.

It’s always possible to add new displays just by connecting new remote units to the existing network, without interrupting the system operation. The system will automatically recognize the new remote units and enable displaying graphical contents on them. If there is a need to increase the processing power of the OmniSight server it’s possible to add more servers, which will work together in a cluster.

High system reliability can be achieved by including a redundant OmniSight server able to take over the tasks of generating graphical data in case of the main server failure. The distinction between control and graphics generating functions increases the system reliability because in the case of server or remote unit break down the rest of the system will continue to work uninterruptedly.

Omnisight offers optimum cost-to-quality ratio because it is based on standard personal computers and uses standard Ethernet infrastructure which are easy to replace or upgrade. Additionally, remote units are user-friendly and inexpensive and enable further system expansion without any need for big expenditures.

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