automatika_-6395704 IMP Automation & Control Systems Ltd. is usually the system integrator and project leader in most of complex projects done by the Institute, when there are several companies, i.e. departments engaged in its realization.

Because of this role, along with some other important factors (size, best qualification structure, most experienced employees, tradition, etc.), IMP-Automation & Control Systems Ltd. can be regarded as the most significant part in the Institute.

Program scope:

  • Systems for supervision and control in the electrical power system, water supply utilities and industrial facilities (SCADA software, ATLAS remote telemetry stations and PLC units, ARES electrical energy registration devices, electrical quantities measurement transducers, watt-meters and watt-hour meters)
  • Information & management systems in traffic control and transportation systems
  • Studies, preliminary and general designs, tender documentation and realization of turn-key engineering projects

R&D program of this company is mainly carried out in the field of operational research, expert systems, decision support, electric power industry and information technologies.