IMP-Piezotechnology is a professional manufacturer of high quality frequency control products and magnetic components. For more than 40 years this company has been engaged in research and development in the field of frequency selection and stabilization, as well as production of crystal units, filters, oscillators and magnetic materials.

The most important application of IMP-Piezotechnology products is in radio telecommunications, military industry, food industry, medicine, and the small series of custom designed products are made according to the user’s specifications.

FCP manufacturing plant is ISO9001 certified to ensure the manufacturing process results in delivery of products of the highest quality. Our geographically favorable position in EU proximity allows us to ensure rapid and dependable deliveries to all European countries.

Our products are traditionally exported to Germany, Italy, Israel, England, France and other countries.


  • Quartz Crystal Units 80kHz – 180 MHz
  • Crystal Filters 80 kHz – 180 MHz
  • LC Filters 100 kHz – 250 MHz
  • Crystal Oscillators:
    • P X O 50 Hz – 200 MHz
    • TCXO 1 MHz – 450 MHz
    • VCXO 1 MHz – 200 MHz
    • OCXO 1 MHz – 200 MHz
  • Magnetic materials:
    • Magnetic materials for industry:
      • Permanent magnetic separators
      • Magnetic Device for prevention of crystallization – scale formation
      • Medical magnets:
        • Magnetoplag
        • AKMA micro magnets
        • Magnetic bracelet
        • Magnetic systems – MAGMAX (for shoulder blade area, lumbal area (spine), shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and women’s underwear with a magnetic system)
        • MAGCELFIT – Anti cellulite suit
        • Insoles with magnets
        • Slippers with magnets