Projects financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia (2011 – 2019)

No Project Project leader
1 SOFIA – Software Framework for Intelligent and Adaptive Management of Complex Facilities Prof. dr Sanja Vraneš, scientific advisor
2 Research and Development of Robust Transmission Systems for Corporative Networks Dr Vladimir Krstić, scientific associate
3 Development and Modeling of Energy-efficient, Adaptable, Multisensor and Multiprocessor Low-power Electronic Systems Dr Goran Dimić, scientific associate
4 The Information System for Thermal Power Plant Energy Efficiency and Operational Effectiveness Monitoring and Improvement Support Dr Ninel Čukalevski, scientific advisor
5 New Technologies in Intelligent Transportation Systems Implementation in Urban and Suburban Settings Prof. dr Gordana Radivojević, senior scientific associate
6 Sustainable Road Traffic Management and Toll Collection System using new ICT Dr Vladan Batanović, senior scientific associate
7 System for Optimization of Thermal Power Plant Blocks Operation over 300 MW capacity Dr Dragan Radojević, scientific advisor
8 Development of the Platform for Science Based Management of the Scientific and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia Prof. dr Đuro Kutlača, scientific advisor
9 Development of Novel Methods and Tools for Enhancement of Performances, Network and Economic Efficiency of Next Generation Networks Prof.dr Vladanka Aćimović-Raspopović, professor
10 E-speech Therapist Dr Zoran Šarić, senior scientific associate
11 Increasing the Availability and Energy Efficiency in Thermal Power Plants and Energy Distribution Systems by Developing new Diagnosis and Early Fault Detection Methods Prof. dr Željko Đurović
12 Development of High-quality Devices for Special Applications Based on Crystal Units of New Technologies Dr Irini Reljin, associate professor
13 Electronic Surveillance System Based on Sensor Network and Radar Networks Data Fusion and Radio Intelligence Dr Predrag Petrović, scientific advisor
14 Integrated Systems for Flue Gas Cleansing and Development of
Technologies for Zero Pollution Power Plants
Prof. dr Slobodan Vukosavić
15 Research and Development of Ambient-intelligent Service Robots with Anthropomorphic Characteristics Prof. dr Veljko Potkonjak
16 Development, Design and Implementation of Modern Strategies of Integrated Management of Operations and Vehicle and Mechanization Maintenance in Auto Transport, Mining and Energy Prof. dr Gradimir Ivanović
17 Smart Electricity Distribution Grids Based on Distribution Management System and Distributed Generation Prof. dr Dragan Popović
18 Biosensing Technologies and Global System for Long-Term Research and Integrated Management of Ecosystems Prof. dr Miroslav Vesković
19 Integrated System for Detection and Estimation of Fire Propagation via Real-time Tracking of Critical Parameters Prof. dr Vladimir Crnojević
20 Human-Machine Intelligent Interface for Medical Applications (HUMANISM) Prof. dr Goran S. Đorđević
21 Design of Robot as Asisitive Technology in Treatment of Children with Developmental disorders Prof. dr Branislav Borovac