ARS-TSSim hardware real-time simulator of steam turbines is hardware in the loop simulation for testing control and protection system of the steam turbine. The hardware simulator of the steam turbine, ARS-TSSimATLAS, is based on the ATLAS-MAX RTL® controller (in single configuration) produced by Mihajlo Pupin Institute.

Hardware simulator in connection with turbine controller (Hardware In The Loop) enables:

  • testing and verifying the turbine regulator,
  • staff training without compromising the real system equipment.

Development of hardware simulators resulted in following performances:

  • Acquisition of the input signals with a period of 10ms (analogue) or (digital) with a period of 1ms,
  • PLC algorithm execution time 10ms,
  • Simulation of turbine speed pulses in a range [0,4000]Hz using ATLAS® BGT01 module. In real system this signal is received from tooth wheel over inductive probes,
  • Calculating the response of the simulated process in real time in all process modes,
  • Visualization of the signal / data and parameters during the simulation,
  • The ability of changing parameters of the simulation,
  • Stability,
  • Mobility – small dimensions of the cabinet with external connectors,
  • Modularity – standard PLC components,
  • Flexibility to adapt to industry controllers of the similar or the same industrial process by appropriate altering of parameters.


Detailed information on ARS-TSSimATLAS

  • Realized projects:

– condensing – district heating steam turbine T-110 / 120-130-4, the nominal power of 110MW, produced by ZAO “UTZ”. – Thermal power plant – Heating plant Novi Sad, Novi Sad (Serbia)  pdf1-5755884

Detailed information on ARS-TSSimPXI