Development and production of complex front-edge Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) present one of the core long-term projects in Institute “Mihailo Pupin”. The project started in late sixties of the last century when, in the year 1970, the first introduction of a process computer in the Hydroelectric Power Plant Djerdap 1 literally indicated the beginning of a new era of computer monitoring and control in electric power facilities. Soon, computer-based SCADA systems became a standard supervising and control tools in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia. The basic SCADA mission has been accomplished through an efficient data acquisition from industrial processes (by a continuous communication with remote telemetry stations located in the field), and processing and presentation of the acquired data to dispatchers/operators in a simple and comprehensive way


For monitoring and control of the electric power and industrial facilities the modern multipurpose Atlas family process computers, produced by the Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, are used.

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Atlas Max®

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