tz-600-7567254TZ-600 is another fully in-house product evolved from years of tradition and number of previous different versions. It is designed to allow the transmission of teleprotection signals specially purposed for Serbian Power Company. These signals are used for distance protection and incorporate the following protection schemes: direct tripping, permissive tripping or blocking. The requirements for this device are a very short transmission time, the ability to transmit up to 8 protection commands, highest availability, security and a high reliability. Moreover, another customized feature is diagnostics of the entire teleprotection system.


TZ-600 is able to transmit up to 8 independent command signals for distance protection via optical fiber links, multiplexed communication systems or telecommunications network (both via E12). The transmission time is, as required by IEC 60834-1, for optical links and E12 interface smaller than 10 ms (typically 2-4 ms and 6 ms, respectively). The equipment is modular, thus depending on particular application, TZ-600 can consist of 11 to 24 modules (up to 12 different module types) placed in the EMC 19” rack of 3U height. Some of the module types are power supply, universal input-output, central processing unit (including graphical display and control buttons), line unit and teleprotection diagnostics unit. Hereby the joystick buttons on the device front panel help the operator to easily handle the menu. All modules are equipped with LED lights to ease displaying the monitored states. This feature enables the equipment to meet different customer’s requirements (redundant power supply, redundant line interface, different number of protection commands).

TZ-600 software for configuration and supervision was implemented user-friendly and intuitive storing all status values for the controlled parameters and tripping events in well-arranged databases. Control and supervision of the TZ-600 equipment is possible from every standard PC as each device can be connected by standard Ethernet. The teleprotection diagnostics unit was designed to show the real-time states of tripping events on the device front panel.

One of IMP-Telecommunications missions is to offer strong support for its devices, that’s why it was self-evident for the company to invite all users of TZ-600 to trainings. The last training was held in April 2010 at IMP-Telecommunications.