IMP has been specializing in development, implementation, and support of advanced manufacturing and business information systems for almost 30 years.

Extended experience in development of systems for supervision and control of electrical power systems, water supply utilities, industrial facilities and traffic and transportation positions IMP as a leader in region for highly specialized industry information systems.


Also, dedicated Information Systems were developed and implemented in various administration agencies and services and ministries of the Republic of Serbia, such as: local tax administration system, civil registers, electoral lists, etc. In recent years the Institute has been engaged in development, delivery and implementation of the fiscal decentralization package for local government. Please download Case study for Local Tax Administration. pdf1-8839344

In addition to this program, various management information systems have been developed and implemented for different clients (decision support tools for investment projects, dedicated information retrieval systems, versatile ERP solutions for medium and large companies, multipurpose e-commerce applications, GIS, etc. The development team of the Institute, which participated in design and implementation of SAP information system in IMP, is participating as a consultant to other users of various SAP packages.

The most recent research interest in this area is focused on using Web technologies for knowledge sharing and business intelligence and knowledge management tools for improving business performance.