Several generations of SCADA systems developed in the Institute were especially designed for large and geographically distributed managing facilities in electric power industry, water supply and irrigation, and others. Key issues for their success were knowledge, experience, diligence and enthusiasm of many Institute’s scientists, researchers and engineers working on the project. A special focus was paid to the high system operational reliability, which has been achieved through the redundancies of critical systems parts (RTU, communication channels, SCADA servers and MMI).

upravljanjeprocesima-8124028Process data acquisition and transfer to SCADA centers, were delegated to the specialized multi function process computers from Atlas family (see also ATLAS equipment is another Institute’s brand-name product developed for harsh process environment, which together with VIEW SCADA software (running on PC-based Linux platform), provides everything needed for a modern SCADA system. The last VIEW release: VIEW4 SCADA software package, presents a top product in the real-time process control arena, which provides comfortable and efficient data processing and presentation on operator’s workstations, large wall displays, printers and other recording equipment in a Central Control Room.

Lately, the Institute’s experts made another great breakthrough in the area of Programmable Logic Control (PLC), by designing equipment specialized for automatic supervision and control in thermal power plants. Thus, the Institute joined a small group of companies worldwide, which deliver such complex control systems of the latest technological generation. The breakthrough was made by delivering the Turbine PLC Governor in the thermo-generating blocks A1 and A2 in the Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla” and TPP Kostolac B in Drmno – an accomplishment that only few companies have succeeded in.

Electric Power Industry of Serbia recognized Institute “Mihailo Pupin” as a highly trusted and reliable business partner, and since 2004 Institute is actively involved in the reconstruction and overhaul of thermoelectric power plants: “Morava”, “Nikola Tesla A”, “Kolubara” and TPP-HP “Novi Sad”, as well as hydroelectric power plants: “Djerdap 2”, “Perućica”, “Bajina Bašta”, Medjuvrsje, Ovcar Banja, Trebinje and few more. Our task has been a complete reconstruction and replacement of measuring and control equipment and systems in a number of generating blocks in the power range of 125 up to 308 megawatts (MW).

Please download leaflet: VIEW4 SCADA system