The Surveillance, Alert & Warning System is used for surveillance and warning about the potential causes of public dangers in specific areas. The system acquires all the necessary data which represent the state of objects which might cause the potential emergency and dangers, and in case that an emergency situation arises, the system is used for general, partial or selective warning the population in the endangered area about the danger’s occurrence and its cease.

oio-4819778Basic Function of the System

• Remote activation of electronic alarm sirens. Remote activation of alarm sirens can be done selectively, providing activation of all electronic alarm sirens in the system, or only the selected ones. Sirens can be activated to issue warning signals and/or emission of speech messages, directly from the respective center.

• Remote control of correct issuing of the warning commands and overall functioning of the system, providing the feedback information about alarm sirens operation, and information about the correct operation of remote outstations. Automatic on-line testing includes detection of the potential fault, with a diagnostic of a type and category, in all alarm stations in the system, including testing of the transmission lines operation. This provides detailed insight into the operation of the system as a whole. Check of electronic alarm sirens is done without activation of the sirens (silent test of sirens operation).

• Possibility of connection of Municipal Center with the neighboring municipal centers and with immediately superior regional Surveillance, Alert & Warning center.

• Possibility of local activation of the electronic siren in cases when remote communication lines do not function.

• Autonomous power supply of the remote station with electronic alarm siren through the battery back-up with automatic recharging unit, what provides the system with full autonomy.

• Acceptance of the information about occurrence of the emergency situation from the sub-center (where there is a potential local danger, e.g. high dam, dangerous chemical plant, etc.) with the possibility of automatic generation of respective warning signal (only warning signal for natural disaster, according to the special protocol, which can be effected only when there are no available human resourses (operators), or they are incapacitated to function.

• Possibility of easy and simple relocation of the Remote Control Center on the alternative location, with preservation of all vital functions of the System.

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