ICT force behind your success …

Institute “Mihailo Pupin” (IMP) is the leading Serbian R&D institution in information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as the biggest and the oldest ICT institute in Southeastern Europe. It is located in Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

Ever since it was founded in 1946, Institute has been engaged in contract research and application-orientated research on behalf of key utility and transportation companies, government and various vertical industry sectors.
Institute “Mihailo Pupin” provides a wide range of products and services in the high-tech field in applied research, design, development, manufacturing, testing and implementation of professional equipment and systems intended for a wide range of business partners, primarily public utilities companies of the national significance.
We are constantly in a search for new developments that could be implemented as marketable products.


Our mission is to provide to our clients rapid, cost-effective and immediately applicable solutions to their technical and organizational problems and enable them to perform efficiently in technologically advanced, profitable and supportive work environment.