PACS (Pupin Access Control System) – Access control and work hours tracking system is a complex system which consists of hardware units and couple of software applications.

Hardware units are:

  • Terminal for the access registration – reader with two antennas – input and output
  • Barrier for access control of people or vehicles – electronic locks, tripod turnstiles, ramps, parking barriers
  • Surveillance cameras
  • ID cards

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Terminals for access control operate independently, that is, when ID card approaches any of   antennas, antenna records data – serial number of the ID card, date and time of registration, and at the same time forwards data to the control computer, which is usually located in the security service room, or in the entrance control room.

For every ID card in the system right of passage is defined (up to the hour level, for every day of the week), on the basis of which terminal decides whether to open the barrier, lift the ramp, turn on the surveillance camera, or to turn on sound or light alarm.

Registration speed is less then 1 second

sajam-4512741Ramps operate in automatic mode, controlled by  terminals, but at the same time able to act on instructions given manually. During the registration of ID card, from within the vehicle, on one of the antennas, ramp is lifted and the vehicle passes over the inductive loops built into the asphalt. After the vehicle passes loops are signaling the ramp to lower. If more then one  vehicle is registered in a row, ramp is lowered only after the last vehicle in row has passed.

Cameras are usually integrated with video monitoring – 24 hours, and when the user is registered image is recorded, whereas when the vehicle passes recording is made so that the license plate number is visible. Image is added to other registration data.

ID cards are contactless cards based on MIFARE technology  with the possibility to store up to 4kB of data on the card. It is also possible to print text and images on the card, in black and white or full color technique.

Software packages of the system are:

  • Application at the entrance control room
  • Server application
  • Web application
  • Administrative application

Please download leaflet: PACS – Pupin Access Control System