In Mihajlo Pupin Institute the research in the area of traffic control and management represents one of the core activities. The conducted research can be divided into two main streams:

  • Toll collection and motorway and highway traffic control systems, and
  • Urban traffic control and management

The research concerned with urban traffic control contributed to the safety of transport in many cities in country and abroad, for instance, in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Moscow or Beijing.

Whether it is about control of one isolated intersection, arterial control or area traffic control, by using synthesis of theoretical developments in automatic control, operational R&D and implementation of complex control systems the new theoretical bases deling with problems in traffic management were developed and implemented in design of original methods, computer programs and trafffic control devices.

In the eighties of last century, research was extended to traffic management on the highways, and the first toll collection system was realised and installed on all highways in Serbia. IMP was one of the first companies in the world that designed, developed and implemented a toll collection system based on PC technology.

The Institute’s offer of the in this area is completed by products based on GPS and GIS technology and digitization of video images.


  • Analysis, studies, preliminary designs, designs and realisation of: information & control systems in urban traffic management
  • Analysis, studies, preliminary designs, designs and realisation of systems using GPS technology for tracking mobile objects
  • Application of GPS technology in other fields such as measurement and distribution of exact time, accurate frequencies and differential correction, synchronization of processor networks, etc.
  • Analysis, designs and realisation of DBMS and GIS systems for data processing and presentation of data in traffic/transport systems
  • R&D of optimization methods for traffic networks