Aleksandar Rodić

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Prof. Aleksandar Rodić, Ph.D. scientfic advisor

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 Telephone    +381 11 6774 236
Address   Volgina 15, Belgrade, Serbia
Areas of work   Robotics, artificial intelligence, automatic control and stability, biologically inspired systems, renewable energy
Organizational skills and membership in professional associations   Vice President of Assembly of the Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Head of IMP Robotics Department,  Member of the National Scientific Council for Technology Development in Electronics, Telecommunication and Informatics,  Member of the International Scientific Committee of Robotics Organization RAAD – Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region.
Published papers, books and participation in projects   Author and co-author of one reserch monograph and 11 chapters in scientific books, 30 scientific papers in international journals, 56 papers in the proceedings of international conferences, etc. Participated in more than 30 national research and developing project and 10 international  projects.
    Doctor / Ph. D.
University/Faculty   University of Belgrade / Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Title of thesis   Multiprocessor system architecture designed for integrated active control of road vehicles operating with automated highway systems
Date of defence   1999
Title   PhD in Electrical Engineering  
 University/Faculty   University of Belgrade / Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Title of thesis   A Software System for Modeling, Control Synthesis and Simulation of Manipulation Robots with Constrained Gripper Motion
Date of defence   1992
Title   M.Sc. in electrical engineering for the discipline Robotics
University/Faculty   University of Belgrade / Faculty of Mechanical engineering
Year of graduation   1985
Title   B.Sc. in Mechanical engineering for Automatic Control