Contact Information
Title, name and surname Zeljko V. Despotovic, Ph.D. E.E.

Full Research Professor

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Telephone +381 11 6771 024
Address Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
Areas of work
Primary interest research: Power electronics, Power converter, Industrial electronics, Mechatronics, Vibration control, Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) control.During his scientific research work deals with the following areas: control of mechanical systems and mechanisms, hydraulics and hydrodynamics systems, control of vibrations, development of industrial controllers, control of power converters and control of AC, DC motion drives
Additional professional background: Theory of Electrical Machines, Kinematics, Dynamics, Control and Stability Theories, Numerical Simulations, Neural networks and fuzzy control in power electronics, Renewable energy sources.
He has a Graduate Engineer’s Licenses (Serbian Chamber of Engineers): Responsible Designer of Electrical Drive Control – automatic, measuring and regulation , Responsible Designer of Low and Medium Voltage Power System and Responsible Contractor of Low and Medium Voltage Power System
He is an associate fellow of Laboratory for Digital Control of Power Converter and Drives-School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia, since November 2007.
He is professor at the High School of Professional Studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – Belgrade, Serbia, since February 2010.
Organizational skills and membership in professional associations IEEE Industrial Electronics Society,
USAIEEE Industry Applications Society,
USAIEEE Power Electronics Society,
USAIEEE ASME Mechatronics Society,
ETRAN – Electronics, Telecommunications, Computers, Automation and Nuclear Engineering society, Serbia
Published papers, books and participation in projects
Its overall engineering work has been verified through published scientific papers and technical solutions. So far, published as author or co-authored over 170 scientific papers: A) 13 papers in top international journals B) 30 papers in leading national scientific journals,C) 80 papers at international conferences and, D) 45 papers at national conferences. He is the author or coauthor of more than 70 engineering technical solutions. in these areas that have received a certificate in specific practical applications: two new technical solutions recognized at the international level, 21 substantially improved the existing technical solutions and developed 48 industrial prototypes.
University/Faculty University of Belgrade / School of Electrical Engineering (Chair of Power Converters and Drives)
Title of thesis The Performance Optimization of Resonant Electromagnetic Vibratory Conveyors Using Current Controlled Transistor Power Converters
Date of defence Belgrade, 15.11.2007.
Title Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
University/Faculty School of Electrical Engineering (Chair of Power Converters and Drives), University of Belgrade
Title of thesis “Power Converters for Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder Drive in Systems for Dosing and Conveyance of Granular Materials”
Date of defence Belgrade, 11.12.2003.
Title M.Sc  Electrical Engineering
University/Faculty School of Electrical Engineering (Chair of Power Converters and Drives), University of Belgrade
Year of graduation 1990
Title Dipl. Ing of Electrical Power Engineering