The goal of PACiNNO is to establish a platform for cooperation in research and innovation covering the whole Adriatic region. Targeting both research institutions, policy makers and business entities, the project will help develop new bridges between the research and scientific activities, carried out at academic institutions, and the economic system, with specific reference to the technological needs of SMEs. More generally, PACiNNO is aimed at overcoming the main obstacles and barriers to the economic development of the Adriatic countries, fostering the competitiveness of their minor firms (both in the high-tech fields and in the traditional industries), and promoting the creation of innovative start-ups.

To reach such ambitious goals, the project will capitalize on the several programs and initiatives already implemented in the Adriatic region by the EU, the national governments and the local stakeholders. PACiNNO will combine research activities with direct interventions in the local innovation systems.

The active involvement and participation to the project initiative of the key innovation stakeholders (research centres, territorial bodies, science and technology parks, business incubators, financial investors, business units, multinational companies based in the region) is meant to create a regional innovation system supported by a permanent platform of collaboration, where private and public institutions can interact and integrate their efforts and resources to favor innovation outcomes across the region, even after the end of PACiNNO.

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