HYCOOL-IT: HYbrid COOLing & management for IT infrastructures
Duration: 36 months (2023-2026)

The purpose of HYCOOL-IT is to develop a set of processes supported by both digital and technical equipment innovative solutions for an efficient and reliable development of IT Server Rooms for advanced tertiary buildings, with a special focus on its replicability through standardisation. In parallel, a highly innovative Rack-integrated adsorption chiller for waste-heat powered server cooling is developed and optimized to carry out efficient liquid cooling of IT servers and, simultaneously, provide cooling to the server room itself in a compact, self-contained, and cost-effective way. The Building Digital Twin Environment (BDTE) will be developed as a PaaS with their specific Web API communication microservices to connect specific tools to support planning and design assessment, commissioning and performance evaluation processes including advanced technical equipment solutions digitalized through as BDT SimBOTs (interactive simulators) in the ICT Ecosystem to enable a more effective integration and operation of these advanced server rooms within the whole buildings. Moreover, SimBOTS pave the way for the future prescription of the innovative technical equipment proposed in the project. In addition, existing rooms can be mirrored and enhanced with the usage of BDT Environments to generate improved baselines and forecasting to support designers in the design phase, choosing the best design option and for maintenance engineers to enable performance contracting to realise the KPI’s. All Methodology and Software solutions will be tested and validated in one of the POLIMI Campus Building undergoing renovation of campus server room as a representative TRL 5 Living Lab, whereas the innovative Rack-integrated adsorption chiller for waste-heat powered server cooling will be tested in a dedicated calorimetric laboratory as TRL 4 testing environment.


Contact: Lazar.Berbakov@pupin.rs