IMP Computer Systems Ltd. (IMP-CS) was established in 1997 as a IT spin-off company of the mother company Institute Mihailo Pupin (IMP). The company has 95 employees today with 2 PhD, 10 PhD students, and 75 engineers. It is usually the main research and development part in the IMP system in e-government and military domains.

Our engineers have related licenses and certificates obtained from main worldwide hardware and software manufactures (Oracle, Alfresco, Cisco, Microsoft, Reichle & De-Massari, Axis, Milestone etc.), and the most of them will be recertified every year.

Company program scope contains:


  • technical and business information systems
  • DMS – document management systems
  • WMS – warehouse management systems

SPECIAL PURPOSE SYSTEMS desnoplavam-7749192

  • radar modernization kits
  • simulators and trainers


  • data acquisition for special purpose systems
  • video surveillance and perimeter protection
  • license plate recognition
  • image processing in quality control


  • data centers
  • system software and security
  • specialized controllers and computer equipment
  • LAN and WAN networks

Our customers are:

  • Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Defense
  • Republic of Serbia, Military Technical Institute
  • Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration
  • Republic of Serbia, Local Tax Administration in 140 local municipalities
  • SBRA – Serbian Business Registers Agency
  • Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Finance, Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering (APML)
  • Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Directorate for Agrarian Payments
  • Serbian and Montenegro Air Traffic Services – SMATSA LLC
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Serbia

Projects that have marked the last two decades of our work


unjp-9133033Tax Administration Information System for the identification and collection of public revenue – UNJP

The system was implemented back in 1993 as the first and unique IS of the Public Revenue Administration, intended for the support of business transactions with the taxpayers and  the activities of Financial Police and Department for the Analysis of the tax revenue part of a Serbian budget.

Tax Administration Integrated IS

Integration with other IS, recording of tax returns filed electronically, in person or by mail,  keeping of accounting records based on tax returns, payments and other charges, monitoring of tax compliance, keeping tax payers posted about their obligations, creation of all outgoing documents and keeping records about issued documents, data collection from other systems.


Design, development, implementation and maintenance of  IS LTA in more than 130 municipal administrations in  Serbia resulting with:

– total transparency in law application

– continuity and efficiency in determination and collection of taxes

– increase of fiscal revenues in Serbia

– precise and efficient decision making about economic development in local administrations

– uniformity of data on population and properties

availability of data interesting to relevant state authorities

websistem-1518121“Web system” – SmartPhone Inquiry

SmartPhone balance Inquiry enables tax payers the insight  into the tax accounts by mobile phone. It includes components for:

– Autentification and authorisation of  the Web users

– Display of the total balance with calculated interest on taxpayer accounts

– Additional information in connection with  tax account in arrears

Document Management System

Enterprise Content Management System – ECMS) based on Open Source Alfresco technology.

IMPresco (+ePisarnica) – software, based on Alfresco technology for receiving of e-mails and digitalization of paper documents, also retaining functions of the standard state office administration.

kaza-5769112KAZA – The most complete software for personnel records, payroll for workers in country and abroad, as well as the calculation of business trip costs. The system automatically generates all statutory forms. This is the only software on the market which enables complex calculations of earnings for the personnel in diplomatic and consular missions. The software package works independently or integrated with SAP ERP.


System based on Alfresco technology for efficient and safe exchange of electronic documents between companies.

Mass Printing System

System for integration of IS LTA with PE Post Office Serbia – Hybrid Mail Department as the support to mass printing of documents prepared in IS LTA:

– export of documents in .pdf format

– formation of  Delivery book for recording delivery of documents

gathering data about delivered documents including the date of their delivery

Administration for  Agricultural Payments

Data and procedures as a support to the regulations and measures which Serbian Government is undertaking for the support of agricultural production and disbursement to individual farms and farmers.


RAPID pdf1-7377917 – modern and flexible solution for digital processing of radar video, creating of plots and trails, as well as  generating radar images.

EARS  pdf1-7377917 – Enhancement for air surveillance radar systems

SL-G4 i SL-J22 – simulators for jets G4 (“Supergaleb”) and J22 (“Orao”) are in active use by Serbian Army and they are subject to regular maintenance and improvements.

NORA B52K1 pdf1-7377917 

NORA B52K1 Battery+ level simulator (NoraSim) is computer based training system aimed at recruit level education, troop level conditioning and command level tactics simulations.

TOPoT pdf1-7377917 – Tank simulator


SAWAS – software package for Air Traffic Control which enables meteorological data acquisition and monitoring, as well as generation and distribution of meteorological reports. SAWAS is a highly reliable web based software solution that follows standards and recommendations of international organizations WMO and ICAO.  Also, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc uses SAWAS software for more than 10 years, thus initiating a permanent improvement of the software and its features. pdf1-7377917

SRCAWS – specialized software package for continuous control of meteorological equipment and automatic statistical reporting for the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc. pdf1-7377917

Identicar – license plate recognition software (LPR)

Identicar Plus – software package for automatic control of yellow lane violation, search for the stolen vehicles, speeding control and congestion charges – Law Enforcement application of LPR

Electronic speedometer, specialised hardware-software solution – Black box certified by Serbian Railway.

TNS, terminal in Novi Sad is main nod for former Yugoslav pipe line. The oil is transported from the island of Krk in the Adriatic See through pipeline to this terminal. Terminal is also the starting point for the shipment of oil through the smaller diameter pipeline to refinery in Pancevo. SCADA systems of both terminals are based on Siemens equipment and software.

IMPTTSc – Sensor system for monitoring and control of access to remote shafts consist of a remote control device and the central data acquisition unit.The system provides automatic monitoring of up to 10 serially connected control points at distances up to 10 km, by using telecommunications network copper wire or GPRS technology.


LAN & WAN – TPP Nikola Tesla – design, supervision and completion of the active and passive parts of computer networks in a power plant in Obrenovac. Installation, configuration, maintenance and administration of network equipment and wireless network. Termination of all types of copper cables, fiber optic splicing, testing and issuing of certificates for copper or optical fiber connections.