On 23.11. 2022, the Institute „Mihajlo Pupin“ organized a presentation by Dr. Sanja Popović Pantić, focusing on the topic “Examples of good corporate practice in the application of the gender equality principle”.

The opening speech was given by Larisa Jakšić, B.Sc. lawyer, who is a person in charge of gender equality in the Institute, who emphasized the importance of this topic and introduced the participants to the normative framework related to the establishment and maintenance of gender equality, as well as the obligations and undertaken measures and activities in the Institute. She particularly emphasized the importance of respecting and promoting the gender equality principle in science and research.

Through her presentation, Dr. Sanja Popović Pantić emphasized the application of the gender equality principle in the area of information and communication technologies and the information society and presented the special measures that are already implemented in that field. She also pointed out the benefits of applying the gender equality principles in the business procedures of the companies, while it is highlighted that gender equality is included in the fifth principle of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN (Sustainable Development Goals – SDG).

The Women Empowerment Principles (WEP) provide guidelines to companies on how to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women in the workplace, the market, and the community, i.e. the WEP are the primary means by which corporations implement gender equality in the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development until 2030. The basic principles of empowering women in companies were presented to the attendees, along with providing a number of examples of good corporate practices of the prominent gender-sensitive companies in Serbia.

Dr. Sanja Popović Pantić’s presentation is available on the Institute „Mihajlo Pupin“ website https://www.pupin.rs/o-institutu/rodna-ravnopravnost/ in “Prezentacije, obuke i obaveštenja”.