INTERVALUE – Inter-regional cooperation for valorisation of research results
Within the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (SEE)

General objectives:

  • Improvement of cooperation within the region of south-eastern Europe (SEE) through the increasing of capacity and market sector for research and development – R &D through joint action and creation of a critical mass of R&D results in the selected areas.
  • Dissemination and exploitation of research results to commercialization of research centers in SEE that will improve their ability to demonstrate research results and to enable SMEs to find solutions to their specific technological chalanges.

Specific objectives of the project.

  • Improving the culture of evaluation of R&D in the partner regions SEE – by the planned identification, expert evaluation, dissemination and evaluation of R&D results.
  • Raising the level of existing mechanisms for transfer of R &D knowledge and creation of new methodological tools online.
  • Stimulation of R &D results evaluation through coordination and support contracts for the evaluation of the business sector.
  • Ongoing support communication between researchers and company representatives through Brokerage events and mentor’s web forums.

Expected Results

  • Formation of R&D corpus that will contain at least 850 R&D results and 370 expert evaluations of the most promising results, which will form the basis for future R & D corps found in the region.
  • The average five plans of exploitation of new productive ideas per participated country will be integral parts of the treaty on the evaluation (total 39).
  • Participating institutions will combine their capabilities to exploit R &D results.
  • Plan for sustainability of this initiative will be defined by the project experience.
  • R&D intermediates network will be established, which will comprise the majority of SEE countries.


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