Our colleagues from The Institute Mihajlo Pupin Nemanja Nešić, Bratislav Planić, Nikola Antić, Stefan Đurov, Đorđe Rađenović, Ivan Milošević, Mladen Ilić, and Uroš Milić put together a fantastic team to win the football IT league championship recently. From November to May, eight teams competed for the championship cup during the tournament.

Our colleague Ivan Milošević was named the best assistant in the league with 27 assists in 17 games. Furthermore, he scored 20 goals, which is the league’s best aggregate coefficient.

Our colleagues also won a cash prize in the amount of 100,000.00 RSD and unanimously decided to donate the money for humanitarian purposes to the Children’s Oncology Clinic, thus showing humanity in action and big hearts.

The Institute Mihajlo Pupin has been hosting soccer sessions for its employees at the Enfield sports center twice weekly for many years. “Socializing after sports is a crucial part of every game, known as the third half. This gave us the opportunity to get to know our colleagues from the Institute more closely than before, but also to meet other colleagues from companies participating in the league,” says Bratislav Planić Chief Technology Officer at IMP. Apart from playing football recreationally, no one plays sports professionally, so this title gains weight and importance.

Colleagues all agree that this activity is important to them, for their health and physical fitness, but also for socializing and establishing new connections.