The 66th International Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements was officially opened yesterday with the tagline ‘We inspire development’. Over 600 exhibitors attended this year’s fair, with 250 of them being foreign from over 32 countries.

The fair was opened by the Minister of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, Jelena Begović, PhD.

“The exhibition of the Republic of Serbia was organized by as many as five ministries in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which speaks of how science and the development of innovations are recognized by the state itself. Within our exhibition, innovative products, ideas, and research that were created in scientific research organizations, at faculties, at institutes, created by scientists, engineers, but also entrepreneurs, both from Serbia and from the partner countries of this year’s exhibition of the National of the Republic of China”, said Minister Begović.

The opening was attended by the President of the National Assembly of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministers of Information and Sports, as well as numerous domestic and foreign officials.

The Mihajlo Pupin Institute’s participation is already a tradition, so we showcased five exhibits to both domestic and foreign visitors on this occasion.

„The Mihajlo Pupin Institute is a true example of cooperation between science and business, considering that we cooperate with a large number of companies, but also with a network of international institutions with whom we cooperate on international projects, especially EU projects within the Horizon Europe program. As for our presence at the Fair, all five exhibits were created within the Institute, they are the result of our researchers’ own research and development. Within the area of management in the energy domain, a hydraulic aggregate connected to a safety TCipm block, turbine overspeed protection and a system for measuring and analyzing the vibration state of rotary machines are presented. I would like to point out that few companies in the world are able to offer, supply and put into operation for overspeed protection of turbines, and at the same time it is a device from our Institute that is certified for SIL 3 level of safety integrity. From the field of traffic management, a radio dispatch center, a product of the Institute’s railway program, was presented, while from the road traffic program, a system for intelligent transport systems was presented“, said the director of the Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Nikola Tomašević, PhD.

After the opening ceremony, our stand was visited by Minister Dr. Jelena Begović, who informed herself about the exhibits, their appearance on the domestic and foreign market and praised the work of our Institute.

During the next three days of the Fair, visitors will be able to get acquainted with new technologies, innovative products, talk with scientists and innovators and see how science is applied in everyday life and how science can solve the problems we face as individuals and as countries, and as humanity.