The Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović Handanović visited on 25.3.2024 the construction site of the flue-gas desulphurization plant at the thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A (TENT A), which will soon be put into trial operation.

This type of plant is the largest environmental project in a thermal power plant in Europe, which contributes to the reduction of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions tenfold, as well as particulate matter within the limits set by the European Union and national regulations, which will significantly improve air quality.

“With projects like this, we somewhat extend the ecological life of thermal power plants, which is important for the production of base energy. Until we build enough capacities from renewable energy sources, or until we reach some other base energy, we will have to rely on capacities from thermal power plants, of course in accordance with the highest environmental standards,” said the minister.

She reminded that this project is implemented with the financial support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and that the Mihajlo Pupin Institute participated in the realization of this project, working on software, electronics and digitalization of the operation of this plant.

The Mihajlo Pupin Institute is also working on the realization of such a plant in the Nikola Tesla B thermal power plant, which will enable the reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions by about 20 times.