Autoceste FBiH and Autoputevi RS signed an agreement on connecting electronic toll collection systems by using TAG devices throughout the Bosnia and Herzegovina territory. On the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the highway users will pass through toll booths without stopping, while paying tolls contactless by using a personal TAG device.

Photo: “Глас Српске” Бања Лука

As the supplier of the entire toll collection system in the Republic of Srpska and the supplier of licenses for the toll collection system in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation, the Serbian Institute Mihajlo Pupin from Belgrade, together with BS Telekom from Sarajevo, ensured the technical realization of the project of connecting the two electronic toll collection systems.


When compared to the manual toll collection, the electronic toll collection is simpler, faster and cheaper way to pay tolls and the mentioned project of connecting two systems enables the use of one TAG device in the entire territory. It leads to significant timesaving and safer travel, without stopping at toll stations, which is especially noticeable in in the upcoming summer months, when the highway traffic volumes significantly increase.