On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the expanded toll station “Stara Pazova” was put into operation. It represents a part of the expansion of the project for toll collection system on highways in the Republic of Serbia, which is financed and managed by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and JP Putevi Srbije.

The Institute Mihajlo Pupin was engaged with the delivery and the construction of the toll collection system, as well as with its integration into the existing toll collection system on highways in the Republic of Serbia.

After the construction works, the Institute followed with the intensive implementation, integration and testing of the system so that the toll station could be opened for traffic as soon as possible. The expansion of the Stara Pazova toll station entailed the construction of 8 islands, resulting in a total of 17 traffic lanes, of which at least 3, at any time, are intended exclusively for users of electronic toll collection.

In accordance with the plans of JP Putevi Srbije, the next are the expansions of the Mali Požarevac and Smederevo toll stations.