From 16. to 19 May, 2023, Belgrade hosted the 65th International Technical Fair. The motto of this year’s Technical Fair was “Play for humanity!” Science for everyone!”, with the main goal to bring together the most eminent representatives of scientific and research work in the Republic of Serbia, and enable the public to become more familiar with the achievements in a large number of different scientific branches and fields.

Among the exhibitors, traditionally, the Institute Mihajlo Pupin (IMP) participated with several exhibits. Within the field of “Agriculture – BioTech”, the Institute Mihajlo Pupin presented the System for Automated Production and Care of Seedlings using Robots and Machine Learning techniques. The prototype of the solution was developed by the associates from the Center for Robotics within the Institute Mihajlo Pupin.

At the other part of the exhibition, the Institute Mihajlo Pupin presented the Digital Radio Dispatch Console, as an outstanding solution from the Institute Mihajlo Pupin’s Railway Program.

During the 65th Technical Fair, the IMP stands were visited by the Minister of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, Dr. Jelena Begović, and the Minister of Information and Telecommunications, Mihajlo Jovanović, where the Institute Mihajlo Pupin’s associates explained the exhibited solutions and provided information related to the scientific work of IMP’s scientists and researchers.