On Thursday, 10.11.2022. Institute Mihajlo Pupin has hosted research associate Dr. Sandra Lagén, Head of the Open Simulations (OpenSim) research unit of CTTC (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya) from Barcelona. On that occasion, Dr. Sandra Lagén gave a lecture “ns-3 5G-LENA system-level simulator: Overview, extensions, usages, and evolution towards beyond 5G “.

In the course of the lecture, Dr Sandra Lagén provided a comprehensive presentation of the ns-3 5G-LENA network simulator, while the presentation was mostly devoted to a specially developed module for the simulation of New Radio (NR) 5G networks.

The developed module is freely available to the scientific research community in order to encourage its wider use, easier integration into different research concepts, as well as to provide higher contribution in various industrial, academic and scientific research areas.

5G-LENA has been used to evaluate through system-level simulations the applicability of 5G to various vertical use cases, like mobility (V2X), industry 4.0, metaverse (XR) and cloud gaming. During the lecture, dr Sandra Lagen provided a review of the main features of the simulator, various available extensions, and recently developed tools, as well as the evolution of the module beyond 5G.

The lecture encompassed the discussion of the IEEE/3GPP coexistence with the latest IEEE amendments and 3GPP releases, next-generation radio access networks according to O-RAN architectures and solutions, ML algorithms for drones and vehicular scenarios, XR traffics and QoS management, and the support for TSN in industry 4.0 scenarios, among others, following the latest trends in technology advances for mobile communication networks.