The Next-Generation Integrated Energy Services fOr Citizen Energy CommuNities project leverages the concept of Citizen Energy Communities (CECs), as introduced by Directive (EU) 2019/944, to set the legal and business foundations that enable faster market uptake, and facilitate communities, both residential and non-residential, in becoming energy-efficient.  The NEON consortium, composed of partners from France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, and Cyprus, will advance the technologies and mechanisms for delivering the next-generation integrated energy services for communities, targeted to enhance the life quality of European citizens, while improving the performance of energy system.

On Monday, September 19, the Institute Mihajlo Pupin (IMP), partner in the NEON project, had the pleasure to host the NEON consortium and presents the IMP facilities and the service offers.

The NEON consortium visited the IMP Idvorski laboratories accredited for testing the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of products. The laboratory is equipped with the highest number of accredited methods (standards) for EMC testing in the country and the region. Tests are carried out on modern equipment in accordance with the latest LST, harmonized and current European EN standards.

The NEON consortium visited also the SCADA Laboratory and discussed with the SCADA engineers the process of implementation and deployment of the IMP Proprietary products at the energy sector. Being present for 40 years already in this sector, the Institute Mihajlo Pupin is actively involved in the reconstruction and overhaul of thermoelectric power plants: “Morava”, “Nikola Tesla A”, “Kolubara” and TPP-HP “Novi Sad”, as well as hydroelectric power plants: “Djerdap 1”, “Djerdap 2”, “Perućica”, “Bajina Bašta”, Medjuvrsje, Ovcar Banja, Trebinje and few more with total power of 3,015 MW.  The IMP task has been complete reconstruction and replacement of measuring and control equipment and systems in a number of generating blocks in the power range of 125 up to 308 megawatts (MW) for a single block.

Recently, the Institute Mihajlo Pupin is also present on the renewables energy market with its products for wind and solar PV plant monitoring and control.

More info about past commercial projects can be found at References – Institute Mihajlo Pupin