On Monday, 29.08.2022, Institute Mihajlo Pupin had the honor to wish a warm welcome to professor Carles Antón – Haro and all the colleagues that have attended his lecture: „An introduction to AI/ML with selected applications in Beyond 5G/6G Radio Access Networks“.

The lecture provided a comprehensive introduction to the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) concepts, a detailed comparison of the data-driven and conventional engineering approaches, as well as the specific communication scenarios where different AI/ML approaches can be applied effectively. The focus was on the selected applications of a range of schemes beyond 5G/6G radio access networks, mostly for physical and lower-layer functionalities.

The shift towards the definition of 6G assumes the application of different sophisticated technologies for boosting network performance and for the development of many futuristic use cases such as holographic communications, tactile internet for remote operations, or massive connectivity. The adoption of novel technologies, while efficiently running 6G networks introduces higher levels of complexity, which demands the development and full application of different AI/ML techniques.

As this is a very actual topic, it has raised numerous questions and inspired the discussion on the lecture’s key concepts.